Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My birthday wish list

Its my birthday soon so I thought I would do my birthday wish list. Ive done it early as Im due to give birth on Saturday! Yay!! Ive just been blogging this week and relaxing before meeting my little girl/boy.
Hope you have all had fun week!! 

5, Blouse
6, Kimono
9, Charlie
10, Lipstick

My New Bathroom

 This was my bathroom before we started. 
 My hubby got some wood from b & q and made this amazing shelf unit. 
 This is the first coat of white paint on the shelfs.
 Hubby and I are obsessed with stars, as you can see from his tattoo. So we decided to put stars around our photo on the wall :-) My hubby made a stencil & drew it on to the wall & painted it in.  

 I took this photo in Brighton years ago & I love it! The only problem was that the print wasn't printed very well and there was no white in the waves compared to the print on my computer. I was going to throw it away as every time I saw it , it annoyed me that it was too washed out.  
Then my hubby said he would try & paint in the waves & paint the mount red . I wasn't sure at first but once I saw the finished results I was so happy! and obviously had to add a star!
 This is the end result! So happy!
Yay!! This side of the bathroom is all done! We re painted the wall white so that its nice and fresh! 
Found this in Tescos at valentines, its suppose to be a giant love heart from the sweeties! 
I think it looks lovely in my bathroom . 

 I saw this dog tail hook in Ikea & had to have it!

 Second coat of white & two coats of red. I really love the contrast of the red & white against each other. 

 I wanted to store my make up in something pretty but couldn't find anything I really liked so I started to use jars and thought I could spray paint them.  Then I changed my mind & as I wanted to be able to see what was in the jars.  
 So I decorated the jars with ribbon & a ribbon bow to make them look pretty/ 
Pretty jars & perfume 
 All finished !! I now have a pretty bathroom & some where to store my make up & hair products.

I hope you like my bathroom

Friday, 22 August 2014

38 Weeks

River Island Jumper 
Necklace was a gift
Shoes Primark last year
Bottoms A gifts from my parents

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Babies Nursery!

My Babies Nursery
My hubby used frog tape to map out the chevrons which is so amazing &  leave a nice & crisp line.  I would really recommend it . We got this tape from b & q and I think it was around £6

The chevrons starting to come together :) 

My lovely lovely hubby painting in the chevrons with a small roller.
All done & looking fab!
The teddy was a gift from my friends son which was very sweet! Thank you Alex!
The card is from my best friend & babies auntie Rachael . 
Lots of photos of me & my beautiful hubby. 

My hubby & I made these pom poms . My lovely friend Kerry showed me how!! Thank you Kerry!!
If you love diy, crafts & yummy recipes go & look at her blog ! Its so fab! Here is the Link navylouise
Made this on illustrator.
 This is me :)

 We got our cot bed which goes up to 4 years old from Mama & Papas. They have really good 
sales. I think this was £200 instead of £400 which was a bargain! 
The mattress is from John Lewis. The bunny mobile is from John Lewis too.  

 This cabinet is from Ikea & was only £10.
These amazing bunnies was made by my friend Kerry! She has a lovely etsy shop, every time I go on it I want to buy everything!! Here is the link NavyLouise.. Go & have a look, its fab!
 Love these stripy shoes from my parents! 
The little whales & bunny are from John Lewis, The little bunny hat is made by the lovely Kerry & is on her etsy shop!  The fox was mine as a child :)

 My lovely hubby made these paper flowers,, they are amazing.

 I knew I wanted a grey & yellow nursery and I knew I wanted chevrons, so after looking at pin interest for a while gathering ideas & chatting to my hubby he did some designs on illustrator & then I choose one & he did it :) I love making all the pretty crafts to go in the room & to bring all the colours together. It took my hubby one week of evenings to decorate this room & the next week to make it look pretty!
Im very happy with our nursery & very grateful to my hubby for decorating it!
Hope you like it too

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

36 Weeks

Dress Topshop
Jacket River Island
Necklace car boot
Shoes Tescos
Bag Primark

36 Weeks Pregnant! Yay only 4 weeks to go!! Cant wait to meet you baby! Im now on maternity leave & have been catching up with all my friends before the big day!! 
Everything is ready for the baby now just waiting to see when he/she will arrive!! 
I better go & put the kettle on as i'm seeing another friend now! 
Hope all your Tuesdays are fun as well!