Saturday, 27 April 2013

A pink tights kind of day..

 River Island coat,bag, scarf.
 Pretty bracelet , cant remember where it is from.
 Primark dress :-0 Bargain
 Pink tights
 Studs from River Islan, I love studs at the moment
 Driving home, Brogues from a little shop at lakeside.
Gelled nails, got them gelled today and I love them :-)

These photos were taken on Friday, I went to see the little chap I look after play about the London fire. He did very well.  Had a lovely afternoon of having my nails done and cuddling two sweet rabbits and playing on the wii with two cute children and a bit of cleaning thrown in too.
Once home I went to the local pub with my hubby and we had a lovely meal and some even yummier beer then came home and watched a film.. Perfect day and evening.

River Island coat, bag, scarf and studs. The coat is new so maybe its still available.  I had my nails done at Nail salon they are lovely and my nails look lush!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Walking to school in the sun ..

 This beautiful necklace is from a car boot for only 40p!! what a bargain!
 Laura Ashley bangle :-)
 Office cute shoes.
 Skull Max c dress
 Necklace and cardigan from a car boot,  the cardigan was only 50p!
 Mac was from Warehouse..
 Daises outside the school
 Daffodils also outside the school.
Off to school we go in the sun :-) I hope the sun will stay with us all day.. Its so pretty where I nanny lots of lovely flowers and pretty views. The photos of me are taken by the little girl I nanny for who is going to be a excellent photographer when she grows up...
Once I pick the children up from school we are going to go for a walk in the sun and to see some friendly horses :-) Cant wait .. My lovely husband is decorating our flat today so once the children are in bed and I go home , I will be treating him to a beer at our local pub :-) Hopefully it will still be sunny so we can sit in the beer garden and enjoy the nice weather .. Got to go and have some lunch now before I get ready to go back to see some cute bunnies and even cuter children :-))

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Going to yummy Nandos :-)

 My outfit for Nandos.. River Island Jacket, skirt and shoes. Primark top, necklace & ring.
Warehouse clutch.
 Beautiful Nandos
My lovely Husband!

Went to Nandos to cheer ourselves up with some yummy chicken and wine .. The meal was lovely and me and my new hubby went to the cinema after :-)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Nannying outfit :-)

Photo of me taken by the little girl I look after :-)
River Island jeans, YSL shirt mens, Next necklace, Tescos lace & jersey jumper. Shoes originally from Primark I got them from a car boot for £2.
 Pretty flower on my scarf, scarf from River Island & flower from Tescos.
 Pretty bag from River Island.
 Shirt corners from Primark.
 Next necklace.

 White watch from a stall in Lanzarote, got it on my honeymoon.
 My view today, fields and friendly horses.
 Cute flowers .
Having a good day in the sun today. Loving the new shirt corners i got recently from Primark. I think they go well with the outfit I have chosen to wear today :-) Anyway got to dash got children & bunnies to look after :-)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Off for a walk to the pub

Went to the lovely pub today with my hubby. Wore my new molly jeans from River Island and my new coat also from River Island... My favourite shop. My peace jumper is from Ark, shirt and boots are from good old Primark!! Bracelets I made myself and watch is from New Look a christmas present from my parents...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

New dress :-)

Dressed for a party :-)
River Island dress, Oasis cardy and Primark accessories.