Thursday, 25 April 2013

Walking to school in the sun ..

 This beautiful necklace is from a car boot for only 40p!! what a bargain!
 Laura Ashley bangle :-)
 Office cute shoes.
 Skull Max c dress
 Necklace and cardigan from a car boot,  the cardigan was only 50p!
 Mac was from Warehouse..
 Daises outside the school
 Daffodils also outside the school.
Off to school we go in the sun :-) I hope the sun will stay with us all day.. Its so pretty where I nanny lots of lovely flowers and pretty views. The photos of me are taken by the little girl I nanny for who is going to be a excellent photographer when she grows up...
Once I pick the children up from school we are going to go for a walk in the sun and to see some friendly horses :-) Cant wait .. My lovely husband is decorating our flat today so once the children are in bed and I go home , I will be treating him to a beer at our local pub :-) Hopefully it will still be sunny so we can sit in the beer garden and enjoy the nice weather .. Got to go and have some lunch now before I get ready to go back to see some cute bunnies and even cuter children :-))

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