Saturday, 27 April 2013

A pink tights kind of day..

 River Island coat,bag, scarf.
 Pretty bracelet , cant remember where it is from.
 Primark dress :-0 Bargain
 Pink tights
 Studs from River Islan, I love studs at the moment
 Driving home, Brogues from a little shop at lakeside.
Gelled nails, got them gelled today and I love them :-)

These photos were taken on Friday, I went to see the little chap I look after play about the London fire. He did very well.  Had a lovely afternoon of having my nails done and cuddling two sweet rabbits and playing on the wii with two cute children and a bit of cleaning thrown in too.
Once home I went to the local pub with my hubby and we had a lovely meal and some even yummier beer then came home and watched a film.. Perfect day and evening.

River Island coat, bag, scarf and studs. The coat is new so maybe its still available.  I had my nails done at Nail salon they are lovely and my nails look lush!

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