Friday, 31 May 2013

A week in photos :-)

 My lovely friend Kerry and the bunny we are looking after Logan.
 New heart bowls from Next .
 Lovely Kerry and her sweet husband Theosawrus! :-)
 Yummy mexican lasagne ..
 My lovely husband with Logan.
 Off a new top I got from Ark.
 Comfy converse :-)
 Mmmmm popcorn & Fanta..Went to see The Great Gatsby
 Tasty meatball at my friends Louise and Darrens house.
 Louise and Darren soon to be parents!! Cant wait !! :-)
Their cute dog Dizzy!!

We have had a lovely holiday so far!! We have been to see the Hangover 3 and The Great Gatsby at the cinema.. The Great Gatsby was really good but long and Hangover 3 is good but the other two are far better in my opinion but both worth watching :-)
We also had our lovely friends round for dinner Kerry and Theo, Which was really nice.. We had lots of food and it was lovely to relax and chat..  Cant wait to try Theos amazing pizzas next time we meet up!!
Also we went round our friends Louise and Darrens home and had cuddles with Dizzy their dog and watched funny films, ate nice food and chatted about babys! Louise is having a boy in July & I cant wait!! So excited!!
Tonight after my husband finishes work we are going to Newcastle to see my best friend Rachael!! I cant wait !! Must dash now to pack!! Have good weekends everyone!

Monday, 27 May 2013

A movie day

This beautiful necklace is from Next .

 This quirky bracelet  was a gift from a friend :-)
River Island dress and Jacket.

My husband and I are on our first day of our holiday. Yay!! we have planned lots of movies, lunches out, shopping and dinner with friends!! We are going to the cinema now to see The Great Gatsby! I cant wait.. then lunch and home to chill out before I make us a nice meal and we watch a new film we got from blockbuster.-- Perfect!! Enjoy your bank holidays whatever you do :-)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Date Night

 Picked out what my hubby should wear :-) River Island shoes and t-shirt & h&m cardy & jeans.

 River Island Jacket & shoes, Bargin skirt £1.50 from a car boot, Primark shirt and the necklace was a gift from my mum.

 Primark ring

 Mmmmmm curry :-)
 My soul mate
Greedy hubby!!

These photos were from our Friday date night. After a long week of nannying and my husband doing overtime each day we deserved a treat. I had a lovely curry at our local pub and my hubby had some steak. It was very yummy. Then we shared a cookie and fudge sunday!! Naughty I know ! hehe !!
It was nice to chat and be able to relax :-)) We have a few days off together now and I cant wait to just relax and have a movie day and do a bit of shopping and go out for lunch :) Then pack to go to newcastle to see my bestie!! lots to look forward to! Yay ..

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A cinema and beer garden day :-)

 Skirt & blouse Primark (old), River Island Jacket (new) Shoes Next (old)

 Oasis bracelets (old)
 Yummy becks at the Galleon with a good friend and my hubby.
Pretty umbrellas.

Went to see the new fast and furious with my hubby today and finished off the day with a good friend in a beer garden.- Perfect .. :-))

Friday, 24 May 2013

Pink & Blue

 Primark dress
 Pretty flowers
 Bargin necklace 40p car boot
Trying on new clothes in river island :-)

Been to my favorite shop today!! Yay!! River Island got a new top! I could spend so much in there. I love everything in there. Im off work today, I saw one of my bestest friends Kerry and her beautiful baby Enid!! The cutest happiest baby I have ever met! Im just smitten with her.. Cant wait to have lots of babies myself :-) Kerry has a fab blog too, lots of creative, fashion and baby posts! Its great check it out here Navylouise :-)) Going to pick up some cute bunnies now to bunny sit for and then off to the pub with my hubby :-)) Perfect Friday evening .

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Woo Hoo Rallying

For christmas I brought my lovely husband a rallying experience day.  On sunday we did it..
My hubby really enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching it and taking lots of photos. I would really recommend it if you know a car mad person, its a fab gift. The instructors are all friendly and the track is a good size. I got this experience day from groupon and I saved around £40 by doing this so its worth checking with groupon for good deals.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Peplum Style

 river island top, New Look peplum pretty top & necklace, Primark belt & Office shoes
 New Look necklace
 Office shoes
A treat for me and my hubby :)..

I got these new trousers from Primark the other weekend and I love them!!  Also I got the jacket at the same time from river island..   :) This outfit is really comfy and a bit different from what I normally wear. .  Also my hubby and I had Mc Donald's as a treat to cheer our selfs up!!
Its nearly Friday !! Yay! Going out to celebrate my buddies birthday tomorrow at a nice little chinese restaurant  !! I cant wait !! On saturday im meeting up with a friend for lunch then Sunday im going to watch my husband do rallying!! Got lots to look forward to.
Anyway must go, got to go and get a little girl some clay to do her homework :-)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Studs and Stripes

River Island jacket,shoes and vest.. Primark leggings with faux leather panels ..Tescos necklace
 Love this necklace

Pretty peplum cut jacket
 Studded shoes


 Pretty flowers on my way home :-)

These photos were taken last week when it was actually sunny!! Now its raining and really miserable outside :-((( not nice. It was nice to walk to school in the sun and photograph the pretty flowers!! instead of running because its raining or in the car!!
Come on English weather cheer up we miss the sun!!
The vest top and jacket that I am wearing are new and they are from River Island my favorite shop ever!! Yay! I love all the different styles of clothes they sell in their. I especially love the cut of the jacket I got, it goes in right where my waist is and it goes with lots of different outfits..
Anyway must go got rabbits to feed and dinner to cook!! Busy busy nanny today :-)