Friday, 31 May 2013

A week in photos :-)

 My lovely friend Kerry and the bunny we are looking after Logan.
 New heart bowls from Next .
 Lovely Kerry and her sweet husband Theosawrus! :-)
 Yummy mexican lasagne ..
 My lovely husband with Logan.
 Off a new top I got from Ark.
 Comfy converse :-)
 Mmmmm popcorn & Fanta..Went to see The Great Gatsby
 Tasty meatball at my friends Louise and Darrens house.
 Louise and Darren soon to be parents!! Cant wait !! :-)
Their cute dog Dizzy!!

We have had a lovely holiday so far!! We have been to see the Hangover 3 and The Great Gatsby at the cinema.. The Great Gatsby was really good but long and Hangover 3 is good but the other two are far better in my opinion but both worth watching :-)
We also had our lovely friends round for dinner Kerry and Theo, Which was really nice.. We had lots of food and it was lovely to relax and chat..  Cant wait to try Theos amazing pizzas next time we meet up!!
Also we went round our friends Louise and Darrens home and had cuddles with Dizzy their dog and watched funny films, ate nice food and chatted about babys! Louise is having a boy in July & I cant wait!! So excited!!
Tonight after my husband finishes work we are going to Newcastle to see my best friend Rachael!! I cant wait !! Must dash now to pack!! Have good weekends everyone!

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