Sunday, 12 May 2013

A lovely day :-)

 Oooo shopping bags!! All our goodies..
 River Island shoes.. so lush
 All my goodies from River Island.. Such a lucky girl..

 My hubbys new clothes and sunglasses.. Cant leave him out ..
 All my Primark bits and bobs.. Sometimes I never find anything in Primark but today I did really well.
 My hubby got some lovely new bits for our Holiday in Gran Canaria :-) cant wait..

 All dress up to go and do more shopping!! hehe
Yummy Blossom Hill!!

A change of outfits to go to the pub and then came and had a surprise party for my best friend.

My lovely hubby and our good friend Alan.

Had a another lovely day with my best friend, this all happened last Sunday but have only just had the chance to upload them.. such a busy wife and nanny! haha
Rachael and I had such good fun doing more shopping and looking at what we had brought and putting together new outfits.. Our favorite thing to do :-))) Then we went to the pub and came home for me to cook us all dinner,,yummy mexican lasagne. Rachael didn't no my husband and I had arranged a surprise party!! hehe so she did jump a bit at our friends jumping out from behind my furniture!!
We all had a good night and ate good food and drank lush wine :-)))

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