Thursday, 27 June 2013

Recent snaps..

 Horses by the park the children play in..
 Dinner with friends..
 My lovely friend Lou
 My hubbys yummy dinner
 mmmm Brahma for a meal with friends..
 Flowers for my sweet friend Kerry..

  The most yummy pizza ever!! Homemade by my friend Theo..mmm
 My hubby at our lovely friends Theo & Kerry beautiful home.. We had a lovely meal their followed by lots of chat and laughs :-)
 mmmm yummy ..
 The prettiest homemade cheesecake ever! Made by Theo! a talented man!
 I love these bright & cute strawberries ..Everywhere I look in Kerrys home their are bright and cool things!!
 My boy at my friends Carolyn house .. More fun and laughs
 Walking my lovely dog Amber..

my baby Amber ...

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