Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Helpful tips when pregnant.

As my pregnancy is ending I wanted to write a list of things that have helped me so that hopefully it will help someone else. 

Firstly a long cushion under my bump has helped me a lot, especially as my bump grew. As your bump grows sometimes when you lay on your side it feels like your tummy is pulling & this can be uncomfortable so the cushion really helps.  I got two from B&M and they were really cheep instead of the expensive ones from Mothercare.  These could also be used to help with breastfeeding.

Secondly are these long vests from Primark.  I got a black & a white one. They were cheep and nice & long so they cover my bump and if I wanted to wear a normal top over the top I can because the vest would cover the gap between. As you can see below.

Thirdly is maternity leggings that go over your bump. I have these ones below.  These really helped as they were really comfy and as they went over my bump they didn't fall down. I got mine from h & m and they were £7.99. 
Also I found wearing Primark jersey maxi dresses so comfy!! & they were cheep so I could get a few of them and they covered everything. As ive been heavily pregnant in the summer they were cool too
Next is this stretch cream. I still got stretch marks but not as many as I thought I would get and this cream helped when my tummy itched. 

Lots of dvds & box sets are fun too as you will feel so shattered by the end so its nice to just put your feet up & relax with a good film & some treats. 
 I was writing this blog post with the intention of posting it weeks ago but went into labour !! Ahhh Exciting times! One thing I found very helpful after birth is disposable underwear .. I know its not very glamorous to talk about but trust me you bleed lots & its so much easier to just throw your knickers away rather than having to clean them & with a new baby thats the last thing you want to be doing.
Final helpful tip is to take lots of snacks & drinks into the hospital as you may have to stay & want something to nibble on & take you phone charger as I'm sure you will want to ring everyone & tell them the happy news & post cute photos on Facebook.  
Hope theses tips are helpful :-)
I will post some baby photos soon


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