Saturday, 1 February 2014

Winter Days

My beautiful Hubby.

Cardy Tescos
Jeans Molly by River Island
Boots Tescos
Ring & Necklace Primark
Top  River Island

Its so so cold here in England recently!! Lots of rain and wind! Boohoo..
My computer is still broken only works when it wants to! Grrr but good news in we have a new one on its way very soon!! Yayyyy ...I couldn't cope much longer without a computer that doesnt work & doesn't take forever to open something.
I haven't been up to much recently just been nannying & seeing lovely friends & having evenings under a blanket with my hubby watching films to stay out of the rain & cold.
Hope its warmer where you are!! Cant wait for the summer to start! Pretty summer dresses & bbqs!!
Hurry up Summer we all miss you!

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