Thursday, 10 April 2014

Back with an announcement

 Im about 12 weeks pregnant in this photo :))

Dress Primark New 
Scarf Car Boot 50p
Cardy Warehouse
Rings Tescos New
Bag Ted Baker (Thank you mum & dad)
Necklace Primark
Brogues River Island

Ive been away for a while but for a good reason. Im writing this sat on a gym ball as I'm now 20 weeks pregnant! Yay!! My hubby & I are very excited about having our first baby. 
We are going to keep the sex a surprise, I have my next scan on Monday!! We are so so excited ...
My pregnancy so far has been ok apart from awful pgp which has made me quite miserable as it been really painful recently . I have been to the physio today & I'm not doing as much as I used to do so I'm hoping a little rest & some stretches will help the next 20 weeks be a little less painful.  Fingers crossed.. Ive been excitedly been buying lots of cute baby outfits and all the bits to go in there nursery. Next week we are going shopping to get the cot & other bits we need. Hubby is going to set it up and I will watch haha.. My mum & dad & I have already brought most of the things we need so its only a few bits to get now :)) Ive been quite lucky that my lovely friend Kerry has had a baby so I've been lucky to have her baby bits she didn't need anymore.. Thank you kerry :-))  As we wont know the sex until the baby is born we will wait to decorate the nursery, it is pink at moment so we will only change it if its a boy. I have a few nursery ideas & once its all complete I will post photos on here. We don't mind if its a boy or girl as long as its healthy we don't mind.
Once I have had my next scan I will post some photos on here of the scan photos & my bump :))

Hope you all have had lovely thursdays
Im now going to go & watch some dinner date & relax .. 

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