Saturday, 14 June 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant

 28 weeks

Laura Ashley Handbag
Dress Topshop
Shoes Debenhams
Necklace New Look
Cardy Tescos

Im 29 Weeks pregnant today!! Where did that go?? Its gone so so quick! Some of my photos are a bit behind if you are wondering why my last blog post was at 25 weeks. I'm finding it quite hard to find clothes to fit & that are comfy in this hot hot weather. I find maternity clothes are either boring or too expensive .. grrr!! So ive been wearing maxi dresses as they are cool & stretch over my bump just about :-)  
Spd has been quite cruel to me recently & im finding it hard to get comfy at night & general tasks are quite hard.. but it will all be worth it in the end..  
Today was spent relaxing as ive had a very busy week looking after the children I nanny for . Today my hubby & i went to see Devils Knot which i have to say was a big disappointment :( but once we got home my lovely hubby started decorating our babies room!! Im so so excited for it to be finished so that I can put everything in its place! I will post some photos up when its done!
Now my hubby is making me homemade pizza & we are going to watch a film!
Hope you are all having relaxing & fun weekends!!

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