Monday, 9 September 2013

Shopping & tea with the stylish Naomi

  Jumper Next
Trousers Primark
Jacket Primark
Bracelet was a necklace made into a bracelet
Ring River Island
Shoes River Island 

Jacket New Look
Necklace New Look
Jeans Topshop
Shoes Primark

My friend Naomi and I went on a Primark shopping spree last Friday !!
We love Primark! Such bargains!
I got a denim dress , cardy and necklace! Lush.. Naomi got two lovely dresses!
After walking around Primark for a while and doing lots of trying on we went and had a well deserved rest and drink! Its so nice to chat up with friends whilst the children are at school ..
Today I am relaxing and catching up on blogging before I go and pick up the children and the beavers and brownies run starts!
Hope you all are having good Mondays too !

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