Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Decorating our bedroom

 Our Bedroom
 My beautiful hubby 

 beach huts from Next

 Laura Ashley cushion

 A gift for our wedding

A different kind of post today. My second love after clothes & (my hubby) hehe is my flat! 
My hubby and I brought our flat brand new :) So it was a white shell. Which we loved because we could put our own spin in it. We have decorated our lounge, spare bedroom,kitchen, hallway & bathroom so the bedroom needed doing. As with my clothes I love colourful & unusual things so I wanted something different in our room. My hubby and I love the beach and we have lots of beach objects and frames from when we have visited different beaches.  So we knew we wanted something beach themed. My hubby wanted a head board but we couldn't find we liked so my hubby made one. My hubby designed this beach hut themed head board on illustrator on our computer & I loved it! We went to b & q and got some wood & paint. My hubby put it together in no time and painted it different shades of blue. Then we painted the walls a cool grey and I wanted something else on the walls to bring all the blue & green colours together. So we decided on some stripes which I love. I wanted the beach hut head board to have a life ring so I got this one from ebay for £10! Bargain! I would like to get some different frames to put on the wall behind the head board, with photos of our holidays at different beaches & of our honeymoon. I would like to get the unusual frames from when we go to different places. I was looking around Next and found these amazing little beach hut lights.I just love them! I do really like Next home all our curtains, bedding and lights are from there.
The big print was printed at Tescos & the frame was from Ikea. The cushions are from Laura Ashley & Next. Im really really happy with the finished room !! Its just what I wanted.  
Now i'm going to do my second bathroom! The plan is to have an amazing shelfs with space to place all my make up, brushes and glossy boxes! & to paint the shelfs white and red and to paint red stars on the opposite white wall.!! My poor husband is going to be very busy! 
I will post before and after photos of my bathroom once its done ..

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