Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Photography

 This photo was taken in my local village.
 This was taken at a car show! This is my favourite photo . 
 This was taken in my parents in law garden
 This is my pooch & was taken on a cold walk we went on .
 This photo was taken in Devon on my birthday last year.
 This photo was taken in London at a garden show
 This was taken in my parents garden
 This was taken a jeep show
 Gizmo my parents in laws evil cat
 Taken in London
 My husband , taken in March
My husband , taken in March
This photo was taken in my mums green house

My other love in life apart from clothes is photography! I got into photography because my dad is a keen photographer & he is absolutely excellent at it! I haven't done much recently because I have been busy nannying & doing normal boring jobs around my flat! Even though I always carry my small camera everywhere I go, just in case there is something I want to photograph. I want to start using my big camera again. My hubby and I are going to see car racing soon & I will be taking my big camera then to get some decent snaps of the cars! If they turn out well I will post them on the blog . I just thought I would post some of my favourite photos that I have taken over the years. Im going to make a effect to photograph more & more as I really enjoy it !
Hope you like the photos...

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