Friday, 25 October 2013

My birthday..

My Cards & the frames are gifts too. The one on the left is from Rach & the white one is from Kerry 
Thank you girlies
 My Cards
 Rach ,hubby and I went to Lakeside the day after my birthday! 
 Bestie & I
 Champagne & cards from my boss & the children I nanny for.
 Pretty dress I wore for my birthday.
 Presents from my hubby!! Ahhhh exciting!
 Pretty stripes ! Gift from the lovely Kerry! A beautiful beautiful smock dress,moustache air fresher, necklace & cute frame!! Thank you so much Kerry!!  
 Gifts from my mum & dad! Thank you mum & dad x
 Gifts from my hubby
 Birthday Krispy Kreme 

 Mmmmm Yummy

 So many to chose form
 One of my gifts from my husband
 My necklace from my friend Kerry
 My boy 
 Love love these shoes
 Dress Primark
Off out for birthday dinner
 We went to the barn for dinner! Its so nice there!! & we got 25% off and a free bottle of wine!
This was our starter! mmmm

 Mmmmm so yum
 Ribs yummy yum
 Birthday steak!
 My gifts from Rach
My gifts from Rach

I had a lovely birthday! I spent the day with my hubby & the children I nanny for. It was an enjoyable day! I had birthday cake for breakfast with the children! (they had cereal first) ,then I dropped them at school & I went home to open presents! Yay! I watched my favourite programmes on the television & had lots of chocolate! I opened all my gifts with my hubby & we then chilled out till it was time to pick the children up.  We then went to build a bear & then to krispy kremes!! Mmmm
Then we went home & I saw my other friend Sharron & had lots of giggles with the children!
Then came home & went to the barn for dinner! It was very yummy & enjoyable!
After that we came home & watched a film.
A perfect birthday!

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