Monday, 21 October 2013

Harry Potter Studios

 Our Tickets 
 My lovely hubby with the Directors board we got..
 The great hall
  The great hall

 Rachael & I

 My hubby liked the butterbeer but Rachael & I didnt like it..

 This was my favourite bit.
 Weasleys shop
  Rachael & I
 Hagrids head

Warner Brothers

For my birthday we went to Harry Potter Studios. I've wanted to go for ages! It was sooooo amazing! If you love Harry Potter then you must go! The props are so amazing & you can ride a broom! There are so many things that you learn, for example Hagrid in some screens has a fake head that moves! So clever!  It takes about four hours to walk around , there is so much to see. 
We had some butterbeer but Rach & I didn't like it but my hubby loved it :) 
Hogwarts was at the end of the tour & it was so beautiful & the lights change to give it a different effect! It was a fantastic day that we all enjoyed! I cant wait to go again!! 
I brought a directors board for my lounge wall & I got a chocolate frog! 
For my brithday we all went to Lakeside shopping & Rach & I got some new outfits!!
Ill be posting them on here soon ..
 Its a horrible Monday here! Raining & cold.. Yuck.. 
An afternoon of movies with the children I think !
Hope you have sunshine where you are 

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